Our goal is to help people achieve financial independence. 

Passive income – assets earning an income which is not directly connected to the owner’s time.
Active income – time exchanged for income. (A job or a business that fails if you are absent) 


How many sources of income do you have that earn you money while you sleep?


The average millionaire has built 7 sources of passive income. 


We are here to assist you in building your passive income portfolio. 

The biggest difference between those who retire comfortably and those who don’t: is not actually what they did for active income but instead where their savings were applied.

You must plant your money tree.
No one will do it for you!

Everybody knows there are many conventional ways to save, most of which have such very small returns that it’s just mitigating inflation.


We offer several methods to develop passive income.

1) Purchase auto accident medical debt pools. 

Buy a pool of lawsuits and simply wait until the cases settle, this earns an average of 50% annually.

2) Purchase computers to do crypto mining.



This activity earns on average 8% monthly.

3) Purchase property and build something.

This activity can earn 100% every six months and can be outsourced.

4) Set up an online store.

This activity can earn you a lot of
money if you know exactly what you are doing. However, that is not passive as it requires a lot of work and knowledge.


We have engineered a program which outsources everything you would have to do and provides you coaching to own a successful online business.  You can earn 0.042969% monthly returns with no more than 15 minutes a month worth of work and you have a vessel to obtain even more money to invest passively. 


There are many ways to build a passive income Click here for a free guide on building passive income.


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